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The FIRST Year – July 1996 to June 1997


The FIRST Year – July 1996 to June 1997

The Club having elected the Officers in accordance with the Constitution commenced business on 24th July 1996. The number of Founder Members amounted to 31. Their names are listed separately.

The PresidentTom Murphy
Vice PresidentRoy Potts
Honorary TreasurerJohn Crowther-Green
Hon SecretaryDerek Sharp
Social SecretaryJack Poole
Speaker SecretaryDon Lawton

Derrick Bradshaw designed a LOGO for the Club. This was accepted.


Speakers were invited to the Club to give talks on a variety of subjects:-

Ceramics, Aspects of Education, Paintings, Sources of Energy, Wood Carvings, Leisure Services, Life in the East End of London, Piloting Spitfires, Shire Horses.


A day trip in September to the Pleasure Beach at Blackpool proved to be a most enjoyable event. Members and their partners were entertained at a show by the well known comedian’s Little and Large. A meal was provided during the show. This was followed by a visit to the spectacular and colourful ‘Hot Ice Show’. On return home we travelled through the illuminations.

In April a coach trip was arranged in which members were taken on a scenic route through Lancashire to the Ribble Valley. Several places were visited in West Yorkshire including Settle where members enjoyed a walk around the town and sampled some Pub Food and Drink.

In May members and their partners visited the BBC studio at Pebble Mill to see the popular TV morning show – “Style Challenge” – which involves a member of the public having a facial makeover, hairstyling and being fitted out with modern stylish clothes. The show was most interesting involving an audience “Warm up Man”. The arrangements for reception and refreshments etc left much to be desired.


A Musical Evening was held in the Methodist Church Hall to an audience of some 100 including Club members and their partners. It was a successful event.

It was decided that in place of the Club Meeting in December, we had a Christmas Luncheon for members and their partners at the Rifleman Inn. It was an enjoyable event and no doubt, would set a precedent for future occasions.

Club members volunteered to help the Kidsgrove Rotary Club with their annual “Santa Claus” collection on Saturday 21st December. It was a bitterly cold day.

Some Bowls and Golf matches were played against other PROBUS clubs.

In March the death of Founder Member NORMAN DOUGLAS was announced.

RONALD PAGE – Founder Member resigned.


President Tom Murphy had this to say about his Presidential Year: – “I think I was rather curious initially about PROBUS, but soon realised from the meetings with the Rotarians that it was similar to the ideals of Rotary with some bias towards the ‘tender aged geriatrics’. I felt honoured and privileged to be selected as the Inaugural President and soon settled down to the monthly meetings. It was a wonderful experience and I thoroughly enjoyed the interesting talks and, in particular, the cordial friendship of members”.