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The NINETEENTH Year – July 2014 to June 2015


The NINETEENTH Year July 2014 – June 2015

President                                 –           Graham Tunnicliff

Vice President                                       Stephen Rhodes

Secretary                                 –           Michael Nield

Assistant Secretary                 –           Peter Davenport

Treasurer                                –           Norman Hankey

Social Secretary                                 Peter Lowe

Archivist                                 –           Peter Groom

Speaker Secretary                   –           Alan Henshall

Council Ordinary Member     –           Terry Dale, Len Harrop, J. Manley, N. Hart.

Walks Organisers                   –           Graham Tunnicliff, Garry Bell.

Bowls Organiser                     –           Len Dale

Newsletter Editor                   –           Michael Nield

Club Photographer                 –           Peter Lowe

Internal Auditors                    –           John Lowe, Derek Morris

Website Administrators         –           Michael Nield, Peter Lloyd.

Many thanks to Derek Morris and John Crutchley for collecting monies. Thanks also to Kidsgrove Cricket Club and their staff.


Sadly six of our members died during the year. They were Ernest Langford, Fred Cotton, Bill Careless, Maurice Colclough, Arthur Cumberbatch and Aubrey Lowndes.

Ernest, Fred, Bill, Maurice and Arthur had been members since its inauguration and Aubrey joined shortly after. Fred and Maurice were both past Presidents and Aubrey had served as Treasurer and Secretary. Bill, Maurice, Arthur, and Aubrey were also Honorary Members. They will all be missed.

Seven new members were inducted this year: – Garry Bell, Geoff Couch, Andrew Dimelow, Dennis Fletcher, John Hughes, Eric Owen, Dave Tipper.

Peter Lowe was elected an Honorary Member.


Alan continues to shine in his punishing task of finding interesting speakers with which to satisfy his colleagues. For our delectation he has unearthed the following: – Colditz Glider Escape Scheme, History and Making of Walking Sticks, Bank Managers I have Known, Atlantic Telegraph, Bee Keeping, Senior Fraud, Battle of the North Atlantic, History of Moreton Hall. If any member can spot the pattern, and let Alan know he will be rewarded with a small prize (from Alan).


Social Secretary Peter Lowe together with his cohorts Ken, Frank and Adrian again organised an enjoyable menu of pleasurable activities. A day visit to Southport Flower Show – Stunning and beautiful was how our Travel Correspondent summed the show up. In September a seven day holiday at the Anchor Head Hotel, Weston-Super-Mare was enjoyed. This was followed by a fine day Tinsel and Turkey holiday in November at the Mayfair Hotel in Bournemouth. A very enjoyable early Christmas was enjoyed. The final holiday of the season was in April when an eight day holiday was enjoyed at the Norfolk Hotel in Weymouth.

In May a day was spent in Liverpool to witness the three “Cunard Queens”. Elizabeth, Mary and Victoria flaunting their beautiful lines in the river Mersey.

The Christmas lunch was held at Lawton Memorial Hall and the entertainment provided by the Probus Glee Club was most enjoyable. The President’s Evening was also at Lawton and the singing of Connor Bacon was first class and much appreciated.

Many thanks to Peter, Frank, Ken and Adrian for arranging a very full and enjoyable social year.

Alan Henshall and John Crutchley organised a very enjoyable luncheon at the Bears Head, Brereton. Three musical evenings were also held at the Cricket Club. Free refreshments were provided at two of these, many thanks to Sandra and Bernadette who catered for these. ‘Tuneman Tunnicliff’ was unavoidable unavailable for one of these but found two budding DJ’s in Frank and Ken (Bookings available).


In spite of the onerous duties attached to the exalted position of President. Trecker Tunnicliff still managed to organise the monthly walks. On the occasion he couldn’t make it, Len Dale and Garry Bell nobly stood in for him.

History, Geography and environmental responsibility were once again in evidence on the perambulations around the area.

Venues included Coombes Valley Nature reserve, Park Hall Country Park. Tittersworth Reservoir, Buglawton, Oakamoor, Apedale Country Park, Bathpool, Parrots Drumble, Hanchurch Woods. Trent and Mersey Canal in Stoke. The watering holes were as usual well-chosen and satisfied the inner person. Exercise and pleasure all well organised.


Len dale continues to arrange the bowling sessions, both indoor and outdoor which is appreciated by all members. He also arranges the meals afterwards at local hostelries.


Remembrance Sunday was well attended by members, wives and partners where Eddie Bates laid our wreath on the cenotaph.

The annual Rotary Reindeer Collection benefited from probus members who assisted. A record £381.58 was raised.

Ten of our members received training in the use of Automated External Defibrillation.

Peter Lowe in his role of Club Photographer excels with his images of club members presented in various poses. ‘Hollywood Calls’. He also organised photograph competitions.

A new sound system was purchased with the aid of a Community Chest Grant from the Town Council to the value of £380.00.

Our Treasurer Norman still presents the accounts in his immaculate way but with a mellowing attitude when approached with an invoice or request for money.

Michael Nield undertakes the mammoth task of Secretary, Newsletter Editor and Website Administrator. He performs all the positions to the great benefit of all the Probus Members.


Looking back at my year in office gives me great pleasure that is also tinged with sadness because so many fine men have left us.

Maurice Colclough, Ernie Langford, Bill Careless, Fred Cotton, Aubrey Lowndes and Arthur Cumberbatch.

There have been times when I felt like a professional mourner but I am also proud to belong to a body of men who show such respect for each other.

We welcomed new members, Denis Fletcher, Fred Maxfield, Roy Bailey, Eric Owen, Geoff Couch, Dave Tipper, Gary Bell, Andrew Dimelow and John Hughes. May you enjoy your membership and take an active part in the running of the club.

Enough of the serious matters, the last 12months have been action packed, well, as full of action as our years permit!

Club activities have continued to flourish with all holidays and day trips fully booked, thanks to all those who make these events so enjoyable,

Our bowls tournaments are well supported and our rambles in the countryside continue, both of course ending in a local hostelry where the calories lost in these activities are more than adequately replaced.

A big thank you goes to all the council members for all your assistance and support. It really does make the Presidents job easier.

A special thank you to our Speaker Secretary (Alan Henshall) for battling on through considerable discomfort and pain and providing us with such a varied selection of speakers who continue to make our meetings so interesting. Alan has recently had his operation and continues to make good progress.

Finally that brings me to The Presidents Evening, it was a pleasure to see so many members and wives/partners enjoying the proceedings, thank you to everyone for their kind words of appreciation.

Well that almost brings to an end my Presidents Remarks, so before I get accused of too much “Kabala” I would just like to record my thanks to all the members who have not only supported me, but made my period of office such a memorable one.

Graham Tunnicliff