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Meeting May 2024

Agenda for the Meeting of Kidsgrove Probus on 

Wednesday 29th May 24, at Kidsgrove C.C. At 10.00

Birthdays in the Month of June:

 Frank Eld – 5th

David Tipper – 6th

Fred Maxfield- 15th

AdrianFord – 16th

  1. Apologies for absence  – Len Dale, Fred Maxfield,  Adrian Ford, David Tipper
  • Minutes of the last Meeting, held on Wednesday 24th April 2024
  • Matters arising from the Minutes.
  • Treasurer’s Report:
  • Social Reports:
  • Update on  the Presidents Lunch to be held at the Alsager Golf Club on 28th June 2024
  • Report of the lunch on Friday 17th May at the Legs of Man
  • Bowls Outdoor Summer season.
  • Reminder – Volunteers are still needed to assist in the organisation of Social Events.
  • The A.G.M. will be held next month and we need nominations for essential positions – President, Vice President, Social Co-ordinator and Committee members. Remember without these people, the Probus Club will cease to exist.
  • No Correspondence Received.
  • A.O.B. –
  1. Raffle – a suggestion has been made that as not all members are whiskey drinkers, at alternate monthly meetings, the prize should be a bottle of red and white wine, with the whisky prize at the following month.
  • The next Meeting, will be the AGM, on Wednesday 26th June 24 at Kidsgrove C.C.  Starting at 10.00 hrs.

The President will welcome the speaker who will talk on the subject of Pigeons.

The Raffle will be drawn by the Speaker at the end of the talk.

When the Probus Club originally moved into the K.C.C., an agreement was reached whereby the Probus Club would not have to pay any room hire for their meetings, if all Probus Members became Social Members of the KCC.  This was agreed, and our Treasurer paid the KCC the Social Membership subscriptions on our behalf they became due in April, and these dues were incorporated into our annual subscription rates. Membership Cards are issued to all Social Members to prove that they are members of the KCC.

The Probus therefore does not have to pay any monies to the KCC to hire a room, whether for a meeting or a Probus Social event, other than for the tea and coffee provided at our meetings.

However, there is a benefit for you: If you visit the bar in the KCC Club House when it is open, for example on match or training days, and you produce your Social Members Card to the bar staff, you will be offered a small reduction on the cost of your drinks. After the meeting in April, the Secretary handed out the Kidsgrove Cricket Club Social Membership cards.  IF YOU DID NOT COLLECT ONE, please ask the Secretary for your card at the next meeting. Thank you