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The SIXTEENTH Year – July 2011 to June 2012


The SIXTEENTH Year July 2011 – June 2012

The Officers, Council Members and Organisers for the year were:-

PresidentPeter Lowe
Vice PresidentAlan Henshall
SecretaryMichael Nield
Assistant SecretaryPeter Davenport
Treasurer   Norman Hankey
Social Secretary Ken Williamson
ArchivistPeter Groom
Speaker SecretaryAlan Henshall
Council Ordinary MemberJohn Manley, Derek Morris, Stephen Rhodes, John Vardon, Michael Painter, (Ex Officio)
Walks OrganiserGraham Tunnicliff
Bowls OrganiserLen Dale
Newsletter EditorMichael Nield
Club PhotographerPeter Lowe
Internal AuditorsEddie Bates, John Lowe
Website Co-OrdinatorMichael Nield

Many thanks to Derek Morris and John Crutchley for collecting monies. Thanks also to Kidsgrove Cricket Club and their staff.


Sadly two of our members died this year. Mark Smith who had enjoyed being a member for thirteen years and founder member Ken Walker who had held the position of Speaker’s Secretary for five years. They will be sadly missed. Unfortunately, Derek Jones has reluctantly decided that owing to his health he has resigned from the club. We wish him well.

Three new members were inducted this year; Derek Cross, Stephen Jenks and Peter Lloyd. We all welcome them to the club. Aubrey Lowndes has been added to our Honorary Members who include Graham Skellern and Arthur Cumberbatch.


Finding interesting speakers for fifty energetic pleasure seeking young men is very difficult but Alan has an even harder task to keep the interest of experienced highly motivated men of the world. But he succeeds with talks including such subjects as – Medical Science the last 50 years; Woodford Aerodrome; Wills and the Power of Attorney; Nuclear Option; Local History; My Left Handed Life; The Boer War; Trading Standards; The Crystal Palace.

All interesting subjects. Many thanks Alan.


On Saturday October 8th, we travelled to the Ocean View Hotel in Shanklin on the Isle of Wight. Day excursions were enjoyed to Cowes and Ryde, Portsmouth, West Wight, Yarmouth, Godshill, Downs and East Wight. The following Saturday we returned home after a very enjoyable holiday.

A new venue was the target for our Spring Holiday. On the 15th April we arrived at the Cavendish Hotel in Exmouth. Excursions included visits to Seaton, Sidmouth, Teignmouth, Dawlish, Buckfast Abbey, Torquay and Exeter. The Hotel was well equipped to satisfy all. A good holiday was enjoyed in a new part of Devon.

Since going to print Ken Williamson Travel Co. Ltd has been taken over by  WWWW.CO. Williamson World Wide Wanderers. This of course will mean many more interesting and exotic destinations for Kidsgrove Probus.

Day trips during the year were made to Porthmadog and the Ffestiniog Railway; Liverpool Docks and Ambleside.

The Christmas Lunch at Lawton Memorial Hall was not only very enjoyable but it opened the eyes of all of us to the huge talent for entertainment we have in the club, comprising Male and Female Volunteers and pressganged, were excellent but the monologists or the monologi (Frank & Chris) were brilliant.

The President’s Evening was held at Lawton Memorial Hall on the 30th May. The entertainment was provided by Magician Peter Turner who proved that you cannot believe everything you see.

Many thanks to Ken and his helpers for a very enjoyable year.

Four Musical Evenings were held at the Cricket Club where DJ GoGo Tunnicliff turned the discs. Peter Quiz King Lowe tested us during the intervals. Very enjoyable evenings.

The Luncheon Club continues with visits to Miller & Carter; Legs of Man; Plough, Endon: The Thatch at Faddiley.

Thanks to Michael Johnson once again for arranging a trip on the Beatrice along the Caldon Canal.


Trecker Tunnicliff  twin Brother of GoGo led intrepid members of Probus on arduous physical ramblings. (You tend to when you get older). He then continued to lead them to various Hostelries  to renew their strength. As previous he supplied historical notes which were most interesting.

Areas covered included:- Barlaston Downs; Westport to Kidsgrove; Rudyard; Parrots Drumble; Hanchurch Woods; Winterley; Park Hall.

Many thanks Graham.


The successful formula continues with Bowling Meetings at Clough Hall Bowling Club and Indoor Bowls at Crewe Victoria Centre.

An average of 20 players take part and there is keen competition for every game.

Luncheons were enjoyed at The Fifth on Fourth Restaurant and the ‘Angel’ at Crewe.

Many thanks to Len Dale for continuing Frank’s excellent work.


Our President laid a wreath at the cenotaph on our behalf at the Annual Church Remembrance Service. He was accompanied by many Probus Members, their wives and partners.

The Rotary Club of Kidsgrove also benefited from Probians who helped at their Reindeer Collection.

Two photograph competitions were held. The winners were Peter Davenport and Chris Brough who were presented with prizes.

Last year Founder Member Ernest Langford was a recipient of the Kidsgrove Citizens Award and this year Christopher Brough has followed on. Chris is Chairman of the Clough Hall Residents Association. He has over the years worked hard to improve community cohesion throughout the area. Well done and Congratulations Chris!

I note that stoicism and getting ones priorities in the correct order have not disappeared. Member Len Harrop on the Bowling Green heard the crack of the broken ankle bone, went for food, then to hospital. (They don’t make them like that nowadays).

Michael Nield has taken over the producing of the monthly newsletter, also continues to control, update the website. These are as well as the many other duties that Mike performs. Many thanks for all his hard work.

President’s Remarks

I have very much enjoyed my year as President and would like to thank all Probus Members for their support; thanks also go to Council Members and Officers for their hard work which has made my time as President so enjoyable.

We have welcomed three new members this year, Peter Lloyd, Derek Cross, and Stephen Jenks which brings the membership to an all-time high of fifty, also Aubrey Lowndes was awarded Honorary Membership for all his sterling work in past years.

Sadly we lost two of our members, Mark Smith and Kenneth Walker who was one of our founder members.

The friendship within the club remains very positive and all organised events are well supported.

I have very good memories of the past year particularly the Christmas Lunch and President’s Evening at Lawton Memorial Hall (a good venue) where there were eighty five members, wives and friends who attended both occasions.

I would like to wish Alan Henshall a happy and successful year in office.