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September 2020


Greetings Gentlemen it is with regret that due to the new rules to coronavirus we at Council have decided to cancel all Probus meetings for 2020 and will review the situation at the end of this year.

It is with great sadness that I report Peter Davenport passed away on Wednesday 23 September 20. I’m sure you all wish condolences to his wife Margaret. I also report that Bob Kay is in respite at DeLong nursing home at Iron Market, Newcastle-under-Lyme, room one. Tel: 01782 986315. Please feel free to contact Bob if you wish.

On a brighter note, I was informed there was a good turn out for the bowls this month which brings me to my choice of special member praise and this month I select our Len Dale for the valuable and enthusiastic work he has done for many years keeping our Bowls team active. Well done Len please keep up your good work for the future when it’s possible to resume activities.

Make sure you and your families stay well and safe.


John Dunn



Michael Woodcock (7th), Kenneth Williamson (10th), John Crutchley (Will be 90 on 22nd).


Very little to report this month.

The week-end break at the Evans Hotel Llandudno on Friday 6th November 2020 is still going ahead. Bookings and deposits are being collected by Frank Timmis and Mike Nield.

With the latest Government announcements, it seems unlikely that the Probus Christmas Lunch will be held at the Manor House Hotel Alsager on Wednesday 2nd December 2020.

Any information will be communicated when available.

Keep safe and well.  

Ken Williamson


The hotel is open and has been since the middle of August. They are operating in accordance with Welsh law. There are restrictions on dancing and performing arts.

Peter is doing his best to play safe and to try to ensure that the visitors have an enjoyable time.

As far as we are concerned, we will be the sole guests for the weekend. Tables will be four both in the restaurant and bar. The bar will be table table service only.

Two people at anyone time in the lift. Sanitisers available in reception and on each floor.

The town is open and there are the usual restrictions (face masks etc). Pubs to close at 10 o’clock.

Most of the problems are in South Wales but rules fluctuate all the time.

Rooms available at 2.00pm. Luggage can be left in reception.

If anyone is not going on the holiday will they please advise as soon as possible.

Frank Timmis



John Crutchley who will reach the age of 90 on Thursday 22 October 2020.

Alan and Vivien Henshall who celebrate their diamond wedding anniversary on Thursday 29 October 2020

Peter Davenport

It was very sad news to hear that Peter had passed away on 23 September 2020, aged 86 years.

He had given a lot of his time officiating at the club and everyone is most grateful to him.

The positions he held in the club were as follows: –

Secretary                          2002 – 2005

Vice President                 2006 – 2007

President                          2007 – 2008

Assistant Secretary          2010 – 2015

Peter joined Probus in 1997 the year after the club was formed. During this time Peter and his wife Margaret were regular walkers with the club and looked forward to the holidays and social occasions.

Peter was a very good and keen photographer and won the internal competitions on more than one occasion.

Margaret has told me that they have really enjoyed both Probus and Rotary over the years and have made many good friends. A number of condolence cards have been received and she is most grateful to everyone.

If anyone would like to give Margaret a call on the telephone, she would look forward to speaking with you.


Five sessions have been booked for the indoor winter bowling at Biddulph on the following dates: –

Tuesday 10 November 2020

Tuesday 8 December 2020

Tuesday 12 January 2021

Tuesday 9 February 2021

Tuesday 9 March 2021

Times: 11.00am until 1.00pm. (subject to change due to coronavirus).


Len Dale


Michael Nield has compiled and published the Probus Newsletter. Articles of interest to members should be sent by Email to Michael at or phone 01782 782004 in the first instance. For an inclusion in the next newsletter, articles should be delivered to the editor at least 7 days before the monthly meeting

Peter will be very much missed by all his friends in Probus.