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Walk Report April 2016

The April walk was from Wildboarclough over the top of Shuttlingsloe (elevation 1660 feet) coming down on the Macclesfield Forest side on the north side of the hill.

Again the walk was in very poor weather conditions and it was quite a struggle to get to the top.  If the weather had been better when we got up there we would have had some very fine views particularly of the Cat and Fiddle, Axe Edge with the Cheshire plain away to the west.  Later when we were descending and walking along the valley of Wildboarclough the weather improved a little.

We had lunch at the Crag Inn and the beer and food were very good.  The pub was up for sale and the landlady informed us she was hoping to move to Spain and on the basis of today‚Äôs weather who can blame her!

This walk has led to a U-turn in policy towards the walks I lead for Probus. From now on I intend to pick all low level walks with only slight gradients.