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Walk Report March 2020


This month’s walk was around Tittersworth reservoir a distance of 7km, but our adventures started before we even arrived and illustrate the perils of “SATNAV’s and travelling in convoy.

The back of the convoy lost momentary contact with the car in front and followed the car they assumed to be in our convoy into the health centre car park, resuming their journey they had lost the car they were supposed to be following. But no worries they had SATNAV.

Some 20+miles later and after visiting several peak district villages, amazingly they arrived at the Lazy Trout in Meerbrook, the start of our walk; by which time the rest of us were well on our way. Eventually we managed to get all eleven together and after some hilarity we all completed the walk and retired to the Pub for an excellent Lunch before going home, all arriving in Kidsgrove together and without further incident. Oh! And it didn’t rain and the sun shone, well part of the way.

Names are omitted to protect the innocent.

Graham Tunnicliff