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Walk Report May 2018

I always seem to start these walk reports with a resume of the days weather and it always mentions the fact that it never rains on the first Wednesday of the month. Well this report is different, enough said !!!!!!!!

Five of us, that is three members, one wife and one widow braved the elements to visit Parrot’s Drumble, Thank you to those who phoned to give their apologies.

Despite the rain we had an enjoyable walk amidst the Bluebells, although it was a little tricky underfoot with plenty of mud and tree roots to challenge us, but despite this we managed to stay upright (most of the time).The Sun did put in appearance occasionally and not to be deterred we were thankful for the wet grass on our return as we all made it back to the cars without muddy feet.

Lunch was taken in The Swan and was most enjoyable and of course we left in the Sunshine.

The next walk is on Wednesday June 6 meet on the tiered car park in Kidsgrove 9:30 am. Our destination is The Rudyard Hotel Car Park from there we will circumnavigate the lake in a Clockwise direction, returning to the hotel for lunch.

Graham Tunnicliff