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Walk Report November 2019

This months walk took place on November 6th. As planned we started our walk from Bathpool and as previously we encountered rain, regular readers  will realise what a rare occurrence this is. Arriving at Westport visiter centre we enjoyed a “coffee”“break before continuing around the lake with a detour through the wild life sanctuary where we managed to lose two of our party, a feat of some doing, somehow they had managed to overtake us and not to be fazed they continued to the carpark whilst the rest to us searched in vain until a young dog walker informed us of their progress.Lunch was intended to be taken at The Swan,however this was fully booked by a Baby Shower, next we tried The Travellers Rest, this was also in vain as it was full with a Wake, finally we settled in The Bleeding Wolf where we were made comfortable with some excellent food.The next walk will be on Wednesday February 5th. 

Graham Tunnicliff