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Walk Report September 2019


 This month’s walk was centered on the hamlet of Denford and its Pub the Holly Bush. Nine of us set out along the Cauldon Canal Tow path in the direction of Cheddleton. The canal was quite busy with holiday makers and their narrow boats including “The Beatrice” which was full of children.

Our first stop was the Cheddleton Flint Mill where we took advantage of it being open and a guide who was able to explain its workings. This Mill is well worth a visit and is open from Wednesday to Saturday. It has two large water wheels named George and Hellen, Helen was working and quite impressive.

Continuing our walk along the towpath we reached Basford Bridge which is where the Churnet Valley Steam Train Station is located; here we left the canal to join another path through the woods, which offered us protection from a passing shower, once again back to Cheddleton and the towpath back to Denford for Lunch.

Walking in the opposite direction to the pub we met up with the children from The Beatrice which had broken down.

Lunch was in two halves the main course being very good then things became chaotic as each time we ordered a desert there was a delay of 10 minutes only to be told that that choice was “off”, this happened several times until we eventually gave up and left without any.

 The next walk will be on Wednesday October 2nd departing from the tiered car park in Kidsgrove. Destination Basford Bridge and The Boat Inn car park, where we continue along the towpath towards Frogall.