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Probus Meeting Speakers

January 2014Mr Gerry MachinAircraft Takeoff.
February 2014Mr Mike HewittThe Underside of America Skid Row.
March 2014Mr Steve BoothStaffordshire to Australia to the battle of the Somme.
April 2014Mr Bob KermeenIraq.
May 2014Mr A. Platt MBEPrison Life.
June 2014A.G.MNo speaker this month.
July 2014Mr P. HayesBank Managers I have Known.
August 2014Mr Bob KermeenIraq post – world war 1 to Saddam Hussein.
September 2014Mr G. WilliamsThe History and Making of Walking Sticks.
October 2014Mr Martin R. FrancisColditz – Glider Escape Scheme.
November 2014Mr Shaun FarrellyThe Atlantic Telegraph.
January 2015Mr Mark QuickDrugs in the community.
February 2015——————No speaker this month
March 2015Mr Tom CunninghamBattle of the North Atlantic
April 2015Mr Graham RoyleBees and Bee Keeping.
May 2015Kirsten WarrenHistory of Moreton Hall.
June 2015A.G.MNo speaker this month.
July 2015Mr Michael HallworthDown Forget Me Not Lane 1939-45.
August 2015Mr David McCaddonAfter the Ripper
September 2015Mr Keith BirkettThe History of Roberts Bakery.
October 2015Mr Shaun FarrellyMarconi – Wireless Pioneer
November 2015Mr Ray KingIRA Bombing of Manchester.
January 2016Mr Bob KermeenThe Dr Kelly Mystery
February 2016Mr Graham DoddThe History of Crewe Hall
March 2016Mr Mike HewittThe Chernobyl Disaster
April 2016Mr Ian RimmerThe History of Rolls Royce
May 2016Mr Alan CooperThe Berlin Air Lift.
June 2016A.G.MNo speaker this month.
July 2016Prof. Ian MorrisonIs there life out there?
Aug 2016Mr Ray WillisAntarctica Celebrating Shackleton.
Sept 2016Mr Ray ParryRudyard Lake and its surroundings.
Oct 2016Mr Graham BinningsleyA Life on the Ocean Waves.
Nov 2016Mr Phil AustinThe Building of the Monton Lighthouse.
Jan 2017Mr David MasonTreckking in the Everest Region
Feb 2017Mr Tim ColtmanA Story of Two Crosses
Mar 2017Prof. Ian MorrisonJodrell Bank
Apr 2017Mr Jeremy NichollsBritains Railways during WW1.
May 2017Dr Peter FloydNew Zealand
Jun 2017A.G.MNo Speaker this Month
Jul 2017Mr P. WebbFracking
Aug 2017Mr DuguidSSAFA.
Sept 2017Mr Steve BoothThe massacre at Lidice.
Oct 2017Mr Andrew BatesCyber Crime.
Nov 2017Mr Peter J. DurnallGetting close to Wildlife.
Jan 2018Mr A. DavisJack the Ripper.
Feb 2018Mr A. EastwoodHistory of the English Pub.
Mar 2018Mr Graham DoddThe Story of Nantwich Brine.
Apr 2018Mr John MillerWalking Hadrian’s Wall.
May 2018Mr David SimmonsThe Life and Times of Howard Hughes (Part 1).
June 2018A.G.MNo speaker this month
July 2018Mr Les. MasonHistory and development of Apedale.
Aug 2018Mr Khrdahy FaroukLebanon past and present.
Sept 2018Mr Kevin ReynoldsDragon Flies
Oct 2018Mr David SimmonsThe Life and Times of Howard Hughes (Part 2).
Nov 2018No Speaker
Jan 2019Mr Victor Fayers-HallinAeronautical Research.
Feb 2019Mr Alan EastwoodThe Lost beers of England
Mar 2019Mr William Durose16 in the Sixties
Apr 2019Mr S. FarrelliJames Brindley
May 2019Mr David McCaddonCosta Del Crime
June 2019No Speaker – AGM
July 2019Mr Tony HeritageLife in the Pottery Industry
Aug 2019Mr E. BridgeSailing trip around Southern Ireland.
Sept 2019Mr John MillerMy life at the BBC.
Oct 2019Mr Steve BoothStage Coaching
Nov 2019Mr Peter J. DurnallWild Life Photography
Jan 2020Mr Graham BushillThe Oakhanger Project.
Feb 2020Mr William DuroseGamesmaker at the 2012 Olympics.
Mar 2020 – Jul 2021No SpeakerDue to coronavirus disease.
Aug 2021Mr V. Fayers-HallinTSR2 Programme
Sept 2021Mr Keith MeesonTreetops Trecks
Oct 2021Mr Graham DoddCrewe Hall at War
Nov 2021Mr Tony BonsonThe Macclesfield Canal
Jan 2022Mr William DuroseThe Antiques Roadshow Experience
Feb 2022Mrs Linda Fayers-HallinHow to While away 15 Years.
Mar 2022Mr Charles NeesonBlood Bikes
Apr 2022Mr Andrew FrenchLife and Times of Tony Hancock
May 2022Mr Dean NixonAntartica
Jun 2022No SpeakerA.G.M
Jul 2022Miss Pauline MillerMedical Detection Dogs
Aug 2022Mr Kevin ReynoldsLove and War – How we create our garden birds
Sep 2022Mr Andrew FrenchLife Times and Legacy of Billy Butlin
Oct 2022Mr Julian BondCold war aircraft carrier operations
Nov 2022Mr John KerwinThe history of rubber technology
Dec 2022No Speaker