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The FOURTH Year – July 1999 to June 2000


The FOURTH Year – July 1999 to June 2000

In accordance with the amended Constitution the following were elected:-

The President Jack Poole
Vice PresidenRoy Smith
Honorary SecretaryAubrey Lowndes
Honorary TreasurerDerrick Bradshaw
Social SecretaryJim Ellis
Speakers SecretaryKen Walker
Ordinary MembersDon Lawton, Doug Whiston

The President invited Doug Whiston to take on the role of Club’s Archivist. The invitation was accepted.

In February, the Club’s Archivist presented the Club’s Council and all members with a pocket sized card folder containing 10 printed pages recording the first three and half years of the Club’s history. Members showed appreciation.


Talks were given on the following subjects:- Bookkeeping, Northern Ireland, Graphic Design, Metal Detection, Writing a Book, Football Referees, Salvation Army and Showmanship.


On the 8th September, the day was spent at the Pleasure Beach, Blackpool. An enjoyable meal was provided at the White Tower Restaurant. After lunch we visited the Paradise Show featuring Las Vegas style dancing girls. The star of the show was Comedy Impressionist Allen Stewart. In the evening (and for the third time) we saw the colourful “Hot Ice Show”. Our return home through the Illuminations ended a pleasurable day.

On the 3rd & 4th October, we visited the North Riding port and holiday resort of Whitby. It is where Captain Cook spent the first few years of his sea-going career. In 1779 he was killed by natives while exploring Hawaii. We spent a few hours sightseeing and some members took on a breath taking exercise climbing some 130 steps to the ruined Abbey. Whitby cod and chips provided the favourite lunch. We stayed overnight at the excellent Saxonville Hotel and enjoyed a five course dinner chosen from their extensive A la Carte menu.

After a good English breakfast we travelled to the “Heartbeat country” including “Aidensfield” where some filming of the TV drama “Heartbeat” takes place. We boarded the N. Yorkshire Moors Railway at Goatland and travelled the 13 miles to Pickering Station to rejoin our coach. We journeyed on to the small Yorkshire town of Thirsk. After working up an appetite we visited a self-service cafe and chose a meal from a variety of meals on offer. The two-day trip had been both interesting and enlightening.

On the 2nd December, we had an evening coach trip to the 54 acre Tatton Park, Knutsford which has been the family home of the Egertons since late 16th century. The present house was built around the core of the former house. We had to queue for about 45 minutes before entering the house and during this time we were ‘entertained’ by a couple of Court Jesters’. The house contained some fine furniture, pictures, books, china and glass. Entertainment was provided by carol singers and hand-bell ringers.

In the grounds was a large Carousel, a steam organ played the old familiar tunes – a pleasant reminder of bygone days. It was an outing quite different from those enjoyed hitherto which made this outing a little more enjoyable.

On the 9th & 10th April, we had a two day coach trip and travelled to the seaside resort of Redcar in Cleveland. The town has a long curving promenade and sea front and over 3 miles of sandy beach. After lunch we travelled south to Saltburn-by-the-Sea, quite an exclusive seaside resort. Victorian houses stand on the clifftop from which a road leads down to the pier and amusement park. We continued our journey down the coat calling at Staithes a quaint storm-battered fishing port. Members ventured down the steep hill, which leads to the village at the bottom. They were transported back by taxi, which was much appreciated. It was here in 1745 that Captain Cook was apprenticed to William Sanderson – a general dealer.

We continued our journey to Whitby where we stayed overnight at the Saxonville Hotel. (Having stayed there in October). After breakfast we continued south to Scarborough. It is worth noting that Scarborough was the first British seaside resort, its popularity dates back to 1626. We travelled through the town to Oliver’s Mount a hill some 500 feet above sea level. Here, one gets a panoramic view of the town, the North and South Bays and the ruins of the 12th century castle standing 300 feet above the sea.

The roads surrounding Oliver’s Mount are used for national and international motorcycle races. In July and August, mock Second World War naval battles using model ships are staged in Peasholm Park. After an enjoyable stay, we left Scarborough and returned home. In conclusion, it was a well-organised trip involving 5 seaside resorts having their own distinctive and interesting features.


On 15th December, we held our usual and enjoyable Christmas Luncheon at the Rifleman Inn, at which members and their partners totalling 69 attended.

Some members carried out the annual task assisting Rotarians with the Santa Claus collection on 18th December.

The Presidents Evening was held at the Alsager Golf and Sporting Club on 25th May. After dinner, the President welcomed members, their partners and guests totalling 64. He also expressed thanks to the Officers and other members of the Club’s Council for their support during his year of Office. The Vice President thanked him President for the unstinting and outstanding part he had played in the affairs of the Club. Entertainment was provided by the professional entertainers – Pat and Guy Holloway – xylophonists. They also added some comedy and songs. Brian Elsby a friend of the President also sang.


President Jack Poole had this to say about his Presidential Year:-

“With the assistance of an excellent committee and the high level of support from members at the monthly meetings, I have been able to enjoy my Presidential Year immensely. The highlight of my year was the support that I received at our Presidents Evening from members

and show business representatives.