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Walk Report April 2014

Probus Club Walk Wednesday 2 April 2014

As previously mentioned, the walk this month was a continuation along a section of the “TWO SAINTS WAY” unfortunately Saint Michael was unable to join us but fortunately we were joined by, for the first time Saint John and his wife Grace. And so the pilgrims consisted of the 10 of us.

As per usual we left Kidsgrove at 0930 hrs. Once again our starting point was The George and Dragon on the outskirts of Stone.

Crossing the old Meaford Road we immediately climbed the gentle incline but this time instead of crossing over the canal bridge we descended the steps and joined the canal towpath heading towards Barlaston.

Although it is now a pleasant country walk it’s not that long ago that the walk would have been behind a very large coal fired power station. The only sign now remaining is large piles of rubble that nature has almost succeeded in camouflaging with shrubbery.

Within the hour we entered the village of Barlaston, where we waited for an intercity train to thunder past before crossing over the rail track, to walk through the village turning right just before the church.

Here we joined a way marked path though delightful scenery which eventually led us across a rather boggy area before leaving us searching for the route to take us under the railway.Eventually we found the way and continued, passing a gas pumping station to rejoin the canal towpath and our return to The George and Dragon (aptly named, I think the landlord is George) still one has to make allowances, it appears she is expecting a baby, Still George is an excellent cook.

A successful walk enjoyed by all on a Sunny Spring Day, although not as clear or as warm as the previous day