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Walk Report April 2020


A message for all the Regular walkers, KEEP WALKING! Hopefully the present restrictions will not be with us too long. In the meantime here’s a walk to be getting on with.

Start at Carriage Drive with its junction of Park Ave and Beech Drive.

Stay on Carriage drive towards the Lodge and Leg O Mutton lake, bear left at the lodge, Keep the lake on your right continue on this path until you enter a field. This path across the field enters woodland.

(You are now at the point that you will eventually meet on your return journey).

On your right you will see a path climbing up through the trees, take this path turning left at the top.

This is known as Target Wood which is covered in Bluebells at this time of year, stay on the high side of the hill gradually descending meeting a marked pathway where you turn left towards Blood Pool.

Continue on this path eventually emerging in view of Bathpool Lake. Turn left on the Tarmac road taking a path through the trees continuing to the field where you previously climbed up the hill and your point where you return back to the start.

Graham Tunnicliff