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Walk Report August 2017

This month’s walk took place on Wednesday 2 August.

       All did not bode well for the August Walk, and summer was late in arriving. I woke to the sound of pouring rain and my previous days research had indicated that The Park Gate Inn (our destination for the day) was probably going to be closed!

       But, by the time 9:30 came round there were 8 hardy souls determined to enjoy a walk in the Cheshire countryside and the rain had ceased. We arrived at Upper Peever to find that the Pub had reopened and would be happy to serve us upon our return.

       Coincidently it was 5 years since I was last leading a walk here and armed with the instructions last used we set off along a familiar bridleway turning left over a stile into a huge field that had been recently harvested before reaching a tarmac drive.

       Soon familiar buildings were replaced by industrial units and all signs of paths had been removed, eventually we spotted the Water Tower which I remembered from before, however it was surrounded by Japanese Knot Weed and the cottages remembered were no more.

       Here we picked out our footpath again and entered well manicured lawns stretching down to a hall and Polo Pitch. It was at this point that we realised something was amiss.

       In front of the hall stood a fully grown elephant complete with tusks, close by stood a small group of sheep and a horse. Continuing past elaborate outbuildings we encountered a giraffe peering over the wall!

       Here our path joined the road, which we eventually followed to arrive back at the Inn and our well deserved pint and meal both of which were excellent.

       In case your were wondering, the exotic animals were plastic, including the sheep.

        Graham Tunnicliff