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Walk Report February 2014

Probus Club Walk  Wednesday 5th February 2014

On a day when the national weather forecasters were advising people to stay indoors because of high winds and driving rain, five intrepid walkers set off from Bathpool Park at 9.45 am with a view to reaching Westsport Lake and returning, in what appeared to be a window of opportunity.

Just after about a mile into the walk at Peacock Hay the sky turned darker, the wind strengthened and it started to rain. With the strong wind blowing in our faces and the rain getting heavier and turning into what felt like sharp hail, we took respite from the elements in a friendly bus shelter by the new JCB logistics building. After some 15 minutes of taking shelter and no let up in the weather we turned our backs to the storm and headed back to the cars in Bathpool Park.

 After a warm up and a drink at our house, the remaining 4 ‘intrepids’ made their way to join up with two fellow Probians to enjoy a good lunch at the Travellers Rest in Scholar Green. The lunch was good but we found that the pub was getting colder by the minute, – the central heating boiler had switched off, as a result of the pilot light being repeatedly getting blown out by the strong winds! Come back Graham!             

                                                                                                                                                               Chris Brough.