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Walk Report May 2014

Probus Walk Report May 2014

The walk this month took advantage of the marvellous displays of spring flowers that have been seen all over the countryside and in our gardens this spring.

Bluebells have been in abundance and there is nowhere better to see them than in The Staffordshire Wildlife Trusts Woodlands at Talke, which is where our walk this month took place.

The area known as Parrot’s Drumble is accessed from either of the three footpaths from the Freeport Estate. It is amazing that such a jewel is so close to this industrial area.

Nineteen of us parked our vehicles on the Freeport car park and began our walk towards the woods. One of the paths is from behind a vehicle repair workshop. Gradually we descended along this track, via a short diversion, to reach the woods where we commenced a figure of eight route along paths surrounded with bluebells and other wild flowers. (Needless to say the sun was shining and sheltered from the wind, it was quite warm).

The pathways form a POLYGON and figure of eight so I think an appropriate name for the walk is PIECES OF EIGHT, anybody remember Treasure Island.

After two hours of traversing up and down the undulating woodland we emerged from the bluebells to join Diglake and the short road back to the cars.

Lunch was taken in the Swan where we were joined by four Probus non-walkers for a leisurely and enjoyable very reasonably priced meal, finally leaving about 2:30pm.

Please keep checking the website for information on the next walk on Wednesday June 4th.


dictionary definition of drumble is to move in a slow and lazy way which is the only way to appreciate this walk.

Graham Tunnicliff