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Walk Report May 2015

Despite the weather being wet and windy 14 walkers met on the car park at Bathpool Country Park for a walk through the Park and into Target Wood and Blood Pool.

Bluebells were in abundance everywhere and despite the recent rains the paths were relatively free from mud.

Having walked through the bluebells to the point where the path leads off towards the A34 we retraced our steps pausing at Blood Pool which interestingly is no longer coloured by Iron Ore and has completely lost its redness.

The hills in Target Wood are amass with Bluebells and it is worthwhile walking the path both ways in order to appreciate the wonder of them.

By this time the sun was making an appearance and it was a pleasant day for a walk.

Returning to the cars we travelled onto the Freeport car park where we braved the increasing winds and crossed the fields to Parrots Drumble. We entered the Nature Reserve and were soon catching glimpses of blue through the trees, which when you listened to the birdsong competing with the traffic noise from the A500, gives this place an almost magical feel.

At the end of the wood the vista changes completely to a sea of blue and unlike Target Wood is accompanied by the perfume from the flowers.

Returning on the opposite side of the valley you pass an area reminiscent of the Florida Everglades, almost expecting to see a crocodile.

All too soon we were back on the path home, where as a mark of our forthcoming election we had a vote on which Hostelry we would favour for our lunch. The Travellers Rest won and a quick phone call confirmed that they could accommodate us.

And so that is where we retired for lunch, enjoyed by all with only clean plates returned.

With the rain pouring down we beat a hasty retreat to our cars in the knowledge that once again the Probus Walk had been blessed with good weather.

Graham Tunnicliff