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Walk Report October 2014

The Magnificent Seven rode out from Kidsgrove at 9.30 on the 1st October towards the dizzy heights of the Staffordshire Moorlands. Yes that’s right only seven of us, the usual regular walkers all either away in sunnier climes or dealing with family crisis.

Our walk this month was around Tittersworth Reservoir, or you could say what is left of the reservoir as it is exceptionally low. We arrived at The Lazy Trout car park just as a much larger group were about to set off, having pre ordered their lunch at the inn.

So, not to be outdone, we seized the opportunity and pre ordered ours also. We set off about 10.30 in glorious sunshine to begin our circumnavigation in a clockwise direction and were soon enjoying the walk and each other’s company, apart from a few dog walkers and a couple of joggers it was very quiet and pleasant going until were within site of the dam.

Assembled on the dam were the group of walkers whom we had seen previoiusly at the Lazy Trout and much to our surprise they turned round and headed back towards us, the two groups passing each other before we had reached the dam. After a brief refreshment stop on the Dam we continued up the steps to join the track that passes a farm and onto the lane leading back to the Inn arriving at 12.45 just in time to see the other group entering the inn for their lunch.

Despite it being very busy with lacal farmers, as well as other groups we had our reserved table and were efficiently served with our delicious food and drinks. As has become a regular occurrence once we were indoors the heavens opened and it poured down.

The food and company were so good it was after 2.30 before we finally left and headed home, we may not have been many, but it was magnificent and we did find out who the other group were, they were “Neckenders” and ex PMT drivers.

Graham Tunnicliff