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Walk Report September 2016

The September walk returned to the Sandstone Trail this time starting from Beeston Castle.  We followed the trail through the Peckforton Hills as far as the Pheasant pub in Burwardsley and then crossed over to the east side of the hills to descend to the picturesque village of Peckforton.  We then returned to  Beeston via the road passing the impressive lodge at the entrance  to the Peckforton Castle Hotel.

It was a very warm day for mid- September (about 27 degrees C at its hottest) but very pleasant all the same.  Unfortuneatley  it was hazy so this obscured the great views available on this walk to both east and west.  The walk was about 5 miles long and took two and a half hours. Three members and two ladies attended.

We had lunch at the near- by Shady Oak in Tiverton followed by a much needed ice cream at Snugberry’s farm on the way home.

Please note I won’t be available to lead a walk in October but the last walk of the season will be at the beginning of November – details in the October News Letter.